Riding off- road? Perfect!

Cariboo Adventure is intended for those little ones who have already had their first bike adventures. This bike features solutions such as those pumped up tires and a V- handbrake that will let your little cyclist overcome any obstacles on any terrain (and do it in style!). Cariboo Adventure will prove itself on tricky routes or even in a forest; the retreaded rubber tires guarantee perfect adhesion and offer stability better than what EVA foam tires have to offer. 

Optimally selected parameters

The Cariboo Adventure bikes have been designed in a way that makes them both comfortable and secure. The curved frame makes it easier to get on and off the bike. Comfortable, contoured handles and a soft, ergonomic seat will make the ride nothing more than fun! For those more advanced riders, we equipped the Adventure model with a handbrake, which will stop the bike quickly and safely.


Handlebar height 52 - 57 cm
Handlebar width 41 cm
Seat height 34 - 48 cm
Seat-handlebar distance 30 cm
Bike length 86 cm
Frame Material steel
Tyres tube wheels
Wheel diameter 12"
Weight 3,9 kg
Age 3+
Permissible user weight 35 kg
Colour blue, white
Manufacturer Cariboo

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Cariboo Adventure (blue) Balance Bike


Cariboo adventure is perfect for riding on uneven terrain. The pumped up tires provide optimal shock absorption and excellent grip. Cariboo Adventure with a V-brake will prove itself during fast rides or downhill slopes.

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