A Beginner’s Bike

Cariboo Classic was designed with those children in mind who are just starting their biking adventure. The Classic is very light which makes it suitable even to those really little ones. Its curved, low-slung frame makes it easier to get on and off, which is super important when just starting to learn. The simple and well thought out design will help your kid focus on what is most important when learning: keeping balance.

Safe AND Comfortable!

A well contoured ergonomic seat is not only comfortable, but also safe. The back of the seat is slightly raised, so that a child does not slide off the bike. Comfortable, soft handles with a safe finish protect your kiddo’s little hands. 

Sometimes less really is more: Cariboo Classic does not have a steering lock. If the little rider happens to fall (and it happens even to the best of us, right?), the handlebars will fold flat under the weight of the child- that feature gets any potential harm out of the way. A bike without a lock also gives one more options for maneuver, which is a cornerstone of every smooth ride.


Handlebar height 51 - 56 cm
Handlebar width 43 cm
Seat height 33,5 - 48 cm
Seat-handlebar distance 30 cm
Bike length 83 cm
Frame Material steel
Tyres EVA foam
Wheel diameter 12"
Weight 2,6 kg
Age 2 - 5 years
Permissible user weight 30 kg
Colour mint, pink
Manufacturer Cariboo

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Cariboo Classic (mint-pink) Balance Bike


Feather light, mighty strong! You’d better believe it! Cariboo Classic is only 2.60 Kg. This is an awesome balance bike that- thanks to how lightweight it is- will help your little one practice riding on two wheels. It is suitable even for a two year old toddler.

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