Pumped- up wheels for off road

Magnesium Air was created with users in mind- especially those favoring off road madness! It features pumped - up wheels which are perfect for uneven terrain and a guarantee of excellent adhesion and shock absorption, even on slippery surfaces. And for our more advanced users: this model features a practical footrest. 

A kiddo, who is already an adept rider, can rest his or her feet when speeding. This is a great way for your child to train and will later make the transition to a regular bike much easier.

An integrated steering bar for those expecting best - in class

Cariboo Magnesium Air features solutions inspired by professional mountain bikes and cross bikes. This is one of very few balance bikes on the market featuring  an integrated handlebar- which guarantees secure and comfortable steering. And all of that translates into safety (especially when making turns). 

Thanks to the integrated steers Magnesium Air is equipped with, the fork is working steadily- it won’t wobble and will stay secure at all times.


Handlebar height 52 - 54 cm
Handlebar width 43 cm
Seat height 30 - 38 cm
Seat-handlebar distance 31 cm
Bike length 85 cm
Frame Material magnesium alloy
Tyres tube wheels
Wheel diameter 12"
Weight 3,5 kg
Age 3+
Permissible user weight 35 kg
Colour gold, black
Manufacturer Cariboo

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Cariboo Magnesium Air (black-gold) Balance Bike


Professional Steering Magnesium Air is a balance bike for those chasing quality! Featuring top- shelf advanced solutions: integrated steering, an MTB handlebar and a totally pro frame! The hallmark of the entire Magnesium series is a one-component frame and the lack of sharp edges. No welding has been applied.

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