Thanks to its aluminum frame and wheels made of EVA foam, the Team rider is very light - it weighs only 1.6 kg. Noteworthy is the reversible handlebar, which can be set in the forward-reverse position, adjusting its position to the child's needs. Soft, pleasant-to-the-touch handles increase the comfort of the ride and prevent slipping of children's hands.

For greater stability

The Cariboo Team cross-country bicycle is equipped with four wheels (2 front and 2 rear) made of EVA foam. The bike is stable and safe, allowing you to learn how to balance your body and practice motor coordination.

Comfortable travel

The ability to turn the handlebars and the soft rubber handles make riding the Cariboo Team even more comfortable and enjoyable. The balance steering system makes it easy for your child to follow the direction you want.

Lightness and aesthetics

Thanks to its aluminum frame and EVA foam wheels, the Cariboo Team bike is very lightweight. An additional advantage of the bike is its subdued, pleasant colors and aesthetic design.


Handlebar height 37 cm
Handlebar width 26 cm
Adjustment options yes
Seat height 26,5 cm
Seat-handlebar distance 30 cm
Bike length 56 cm
Wheel diameter 17 cm
Weight 1,6 kg
Age 12 months +
Permissible user weight 25 kg
Colour navy blue
Manufacturer Cariboo

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Cariboo Team (navy blue) Mini bike


The four-wheeled Cariboo Team is a cross-country bicycle ideal for children who need a stable vehicle. The bike will work well for toddlers who have trouble keeping their balance, but like to spend time actively. The advantage of the bike is the intuitive turning system - the child decides the direction of travel by gently balancing the body.

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