TheLEDstar balance scooter is easy to move – it’s easy to steer and to maintain one’s balance. The toddler can safely exercise his or her motor skills. Due to its three wheels and the balance turning system, the vehicle is suitable for children who don’t feel confident on traditional scooters. The handlebar’s adjustable height means that the scooter can grow along with the child. However, the greatest advantage of the scooter is its light-up deck.

A fairy-tale scooter

The LEDstar scooter will delight the youngest kids with the glittering colours of its deck. The built-in LED strips allow setting of your favourite lighting mode. And the little one really has a range to choose from. The lights can shine constantly or flicker, change from one to another, pulsate or flow. Just press the button on the handlebar, and the scooter lights up like a rainbow or in one of several colours – red, pink, violet, yellow, green or blue.

The child has no problem controlling the lighting with the convenient button on the handlebar. The Cariboo LEDstar will encourage even the greatest homebodies to be active! On top of that, they’re sure not to get bored. The number of lighting modes will satisfy even the most demanding toddler – the scooter can light up in one colour or a combination of many!

Safety above all

The Cariboo LEDstar is above all safe for little ones. The three wheels allow the child to easily maintain balance and control their body movement. The balance scooter enables one to develop new skills, exercise reflexes and teaches one to make quick decisions.

Intelligent solutions

The three-wheel scooter with LED deck has an adjustable-height handlebar, so the child will not soon grow out of it. The steering rod can be attached in a quick and simple manner with the use of one button.


Scooter type
Handlebar height adjustment 63 - 71 - 79 cm
Handlebar width 28,5 cm
Brake footbrake
Wheel diameter front 12; back 7,7 cm
Weight 3,1 kg
Age 3+
Permissible user weight 50 kg
Colour black
Manufacturer Cariboo

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Cariboo LEDstar (black) Three-wheel scooter


The LEDstar balance scooter by Cariboo is equipped with three wheels, an adjustable-height handlebar and a foot deck which lights up after pressing one button. That’s not all though, as the deck can shine in a single colour or in all the colours of a rainbow. The lights can pulsate, flow or flash. The scooter gives a child many ways to enjoy good fun!

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